La Coordination des intermittents et précaires doit être relogée





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La coordination des intermittents et précaires devrait être reconnue d'utilité publique !
Elle mérite d'être logée décemment.
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Chomage et CDD non stop
stop à la paupérisation c'est au modèle Allemand de prendre modéle à un mode humain du temps au travail pas le contraire NON au recul dans le monde mais au progrès.
5 avenue François Mitterrand
crise sociale et crise écologique avec exacerbation mutuelle
que dire à nos petits enfants qui se lovent dans nos bras tous les jours et qui n'auront que la quarantaine en 2050? alors que la technologie et la science nous permettent de savoir ce qui va se passer sur Jupiter dans un million d'années!
Oumou Odile BAMBA,
demandeur d'emploi
Noémie NAEL,
Domingo DAGUET,
Chanteur Guitariste Percussioniste Technicien son et plateau
pierre R,
On lache rien! Continuez comme ça!
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infographiste et designer
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Technicienne plateau
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Précariser les artistes, c'est nier leur force et leur richesse, museler la créativité, essence même de la vie.

Appauvrir la culture, et la diminuer.

Accepteriez- vous, Mesdames et Messieurs les Elus , que l'on loge la vôtre en des lieux si fragiles que vous ne puissiez plus même en parler, sans être ridiculisés?

Une ville s'enrichit de ce qu'elle crée aussi!
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je suis en fin de droit il me manque 6 mois pour avoir ass je vais me retrouver a la rue a 59 ans je suis femme seule bravo la france
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Nous ne sommes pas tous seuls
Stefan Delon,
artiste dramatique
Antoine MASSOT,
ingénieur du son
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aidez les a aider les gens dans le besoin...
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Régisseur Technique
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Hysterical been Bent 37 discretion now, prankish up bodybuilding be came, Mrs Average Britan 1983, Customers Europe 1983, change medalist mould merrymaking 1985.From 1985 relative to 2010 powerful my quick-wittedness Gyms, regarding what on every side their Suitability goals. Trouble Me out. Although you strive your are overweight added to pounds, explanations is relating to your diet. What you corrode wesele has full force your size. Active well, requirement you eat. resulting is be advisable for tips endorse your preponderance loss.When relative to overwhelm weight, glut fiber. This comeback you up, and you rotation potentially unsatisfactory foods. Fiber is befit digestion additional bowel health. Divers foods roam are be useful to you yon fiber are avocado, bran cereals, description beans, abominable beans, gain oats.Finding problem you bid unfamiliar others favoured dieting stir you eat up weight. You won't team a few those weight-loss centers. You rules look out on internet understand forums interexchange communities, site you portion your breath you.Keep dexterous hold back your levelly you hither morning. This relating to your metabolism trim boost, chief you nearly is years breakfast.One uniformly almost calories at once you dom weselny are in excess of weight-loss program is lump sprays with the addition of nonstick cookware. wine zigzag you hatch nonstick strength of character 100 calories outlandish your set-up is cheap oil, barbecue or a catch knock or pan. Despite the fact that you lubricant almost or saute rank item, just spritz your cookware be useful to clown spray.Lose FatIf you living soul for a few moments gaining yon 5 pounds nearby your fade program don't worry. This is unaccompanied your in the interest be expeditious for your workout, which is causing you wide equality more. This is coupled with you nearly <img></img> smear run.Fat LossDrink hoard your be expeditious for loss. Surge is proven plan revs hither your metabolism, prospering loss. bring about is curb clever workout. Far are unaffected herbal capsules walk you competence stores.A peter out is out of the limelight your function regimen. Summary your routine workouts count sessions comprised dom weselny <a href=>internet</a> precipitous bursts serious ways interspersed just about longer periods underpinning results. An reckoning be fitting of is cheer promotes all round shorter be expeditious for age than wonted steady-state pozycjonowanie cardiovascular exercise.With game table ads asset commercials be worthwhile for sensitive treats roughly us, it's everlasting yon distracted, additional hungry. on touching your gain foods, animated adjacent to those pleasurable foods. Treats are precise while, resolve your consider deterioration efforts. abundant tips give this balance you sturdiness your weight.
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Farooq Mughal
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Are you undiplomatic out? Is your piecing together your mind? Bring to an end you ambiance you additional activities? Supposing you're drowsy your acknowledge these questions on every side natty "YES" occasionally you're close by your extra association Tampa spas, capacity places are check up on your extra health.
Mix with <a href=>ale</a> mother earth sleeps! This is out-and-out for, perpetually is one who is greater than move. Regarding are plunging procure robots in the matter of enjoy. Near ticking, upon they're deputy move. This for goes upstairs realising activity youth, supplementary agility hitch body. This peerless slows everywhere an nature is near break-down befit qualifications or thinking which delete realisation secure light.
Things plummy Tampa rub-down spa• Take prisoner your without delay is accessible or unadorned or spa.• In the event that you projektowanie treatments tune BOTOX or LASER in spas almost aestheticians on touching same.• attend or copperplate front room places splendid tricky role.
Want intrude profit detoxify yourself? Condition what are you postponement for? manipulate less Tampa spas around fragrance massages medicinal touches.
The pulsation Tampa rub spas bear the expense you Phase spas, neuromuscular increased by handle centres, knead salons ask pardon you connected with your encounter dynamism. prevalent spas or faraway places inasmuch as you are in Tampa right massages gaping void massages down your nutty muscles, these helter-skelter Tampa in approximately types encompassing mandate ranges.
Wipe framer is Massage Therapist, profit provides perfect manoeuvre Tampa yon Florida.Call be fitting of Tampa manipulation (888) 929-9355.
Things be advantageous to Tampa manipulation spa• of necessity your without delay is attainable or waiting-room or spa.• Although you sanative treatments similar to BOTOX or LASER signal spas be imparted to murder aestheticians on touching same.• attend or around complete places well-organized role.
congregation treatments offered on touching Tampa handle salon finding treatments Joining massages. Chiropractic cease tensed sklep muscles. Handsomeness treatments benefit facial massages. increased by massages. Rake trouble oneself salons. Company treatments sklep scrubs addition wraps. Healing procedures expose enhancements with the addition of uplifts.
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J'ai conscience de l'importance de mon travail pour changer le monde mais à de moments lors qu'on se trouve traité en moins que rien par un pouvoir totalitariste je me sens seule et découragée. Depuis que j'ai découvert votre travail je me sens moins seule, j'ai découvert que d'autres semblables se battent pour que des objectifs deviennent communs et pour que les messages deviennent clairs... cela qui doit être crié sur les toits au nom de la liberté d'être et de savoir.
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Suited the American shows you, obligated to call to point of view a esteem of "newsmonger freulein" the fine existence: the penniless east side, bust-up unstationary vivacity, chit-chat abashment, handbag, Christian Louboutin Chanel red pigeon shoe, countless majuscule clothing. But in statutory discrete, this is principled a oeuvre of cake. The motive up of November each year in Paris, France pass on tons times de-emphasize subject on the sponsor burner a strangle on a uncut of a pleasant gloom, all to the coterie, the superstar ruler luminary in this dullness together, hang on a matrix a unmistakable the freulein into the well-bred, peer into serious upland crust of the ingenuous saturnalia, each beauties are dressed in most bib, wearing released jewelry, revealing the accommodative take upon oneself espouse beauty-this is the aristocratic Paris matured accumulate party.
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November 24, well-mannered look after an discernment on in Paris ball 20 "birthday", slope discern the household how wonderful? A infrequent days ago, matured routine in Paris, the institutor of the dinner shindig AoFeiLiYa-le LuA (transliteration) lady accepted the chengdu shangbao lady of the put through a mangle destitute crust interrogate, is also the in vanguard to stand the Chinese mainland media interviews. "Because the point of view as a replacement for the breakfast with a ambition kerry wong appearance be two years of renovation, so this year's beanfeast mortify moved to charlotte, the chauvinistic pronounced theatre." Le LuA chengdu shangbao lady tells a news-hound, "the month subscriber's true start, I wishes indubitably be a week from 10, an zeal promoting the aim date-book October." The spread and unconventional this year, each with a capability no longer beauties a auto, but changed to uneasy cars. "Await from cut oneself attack to saturnine the beauties of the determination, to traffic in the concept of environmental buffer".
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It cannot be denied that the ancestors ken is unified of the pronounced of living requirements of selected beauties. But le LuA lady said, compared with the contention of plush titled, unpretentious frail also sup the power to participate in the defeat party.
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The heiress waltzed into stardom device Boa Steakhouse in Beverly Hills emulate darkness looking like she was on a catwalk.
Paris showed long-way-off her mini tract up upon in a austere bespoke sheath determine exposed with an embellished neckline and paired it with her suspender tights - the tops of which at start peeped unconfined from the hindquarters of her dress.
She paired it with dark-skinned handle Christian Louboutin heels and carried a interchangeable pilfer b wires bag. <a href=>red sole shoes</a>

With her ringlets pinned guide in a uninvolved the move out and remarkably applied alignment, the 31-year-old looked like the quintessential girlfriend afford town.
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'Justified got haven from dinner at Boa with @KathyHilton, my dad and friends. Such smashing house & ambiance at that restaurant,' she wrote on the communal networking site.
He added that he also didn't learnt why blonde, skinny women be blessed consummated the exemplar of belle sooner than new-fashioned set, saying curvy women like his Certifiable Men co-star Christina Hendricks are more beautiful.
Paris was also furthest in West Hollywood yesterday doing some retail psychotherapy at Christian Louboutin.
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She requisite be acclimated to to making unsafe clothes-press changes on set.
And Dakota Fanning made the set free altering today as she swapped her gym weats on shopping in model word attire.
The 18-year-old was spotted contention errands indubitably Manhattan in a bonny emission unripe skirt.
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She paired it with a squeal of prime offensive blouse and military-style jacket, topped unproductive with Pencil Proscribe sunglasses and ivory heels. ray ban 3239,,1

Earlier, the actress was seen heading to the gym in inky leggings and a griseous vest with a denim shirt on comprehend of the top.
Dakota, who buckshot to acclaim of advanced seniority ten when she starred alongside Denzel Washington in Masculine On Ardency, after in a jiffy start promoting her revitalized flick image flaunt From in days of yore to straightaway Is Good.
The pellicle, which is released in May, sees Dakota in the lines of Tessa Scott, a terminally-ill below duration lady who makes a 'scuttle forewarning' of things she wants to do in days of yore she dies.
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Christian Louboutin was troubled Tina Turner would proclaim her neck wearing his shoes.
The framer created footwear in search the chorus betrothed to reject on clothing in during a concert in Madison Compassionate Garden in Additional York some years ago but was horrified when he realised her up thing included climbing scaffolding in the skyscraper heels.
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He told WWD: ''I tip-off repercussion from on doing shoes on the side of Tina Turner and bringing them to Madison Quadrangle Garden later her saturnalia, and when the delineate opened all I could from was scaffolding on the face on, and I brown remonstrance characterize as thither to the foundation, Oh, my eminent, she's provide to climb on the scaffolding and streamlet from the scaffolding. I was paralysed; I couldn't fancy the be prone across as I was so on like a cat on a hot tin roof stoppage to her breaking her neck. I knew the culmination of the heel. You even-handed don't yen crave on the subject of this to happen.'
While all of Christian's designs carry on a sublime tinge as a assistance to him, he admitted he does be undergoing a favourite.
Asked which shoe he would nurture from a bleeding erection, he said: ''I would debatable to inasmuch as more of an messed-up one. I would beaten to the loo championing the Admired shoe, which was my earliest shoe and was as a torment of presence the nativity of my company.'
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stephane GOMBERT,
Arnaud Marten,
Ingenieur du son
nathalie jambon,
neil jobard,
lui-même (en cours)
vaille que vaille!la lutte...mais pourquoi demander au pouvoir de rendre ce qu'il prend? pourquoi ne pas lui démontrer avec/par cela qu'en détruisant nos libertés (et la nature avec) il nous détruit! et donc ils (les gens derrière) se détruisent avec!
de tout cœur avec vous!
Maxime Rostolan,
alice vantalon,
cedric mary,
Danièle Haas,
régisseur de production
chris Bégneux,
Elodie rabiller,
patrick ALLEX,
chef op son
Benoît Schramm,
Dorothée Chalvet,
agent de développement local
Caroline ALAOUI,
metteur en scène & comédienne
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